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May 23, 2012 Comments Off on Landmark Baptist Church, Clio MI admin

It was a my first time being with Pastor John Flanders.  He is doing an incredible job and it was wonderful time to spend with he and his family and church folk.  The people were faithful to the services and were very responsive.  I look forward to hearing of God’s “greater works” being accomplished through this ministry in the days ahead.

I appreciate Brother Flanders’ heart for revival and desire to see his people truly grasp “normal christianity”.  I truly look forward to returning as we talked about rescheduling for a future meeting.

I am thankful too for evangelist Glenn Stevenson joining me for two weeks of meetings.  Glenn did a great job of leading singing as well as conducting the children’s meeting at night while also preaching to the teens in the morning chapel services.  Many decisions were made as a result of his preaching and ministry.