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Dr. Dave Hardy

Grace and I consider Billy and Christy Ingram to be choice servants of the Lord. Bro Ingram is not a pastor doing the work of an evangelist, he is an evangelist with a heart for the pastor and the local church. They are not just ministry people, they are godly people with a desire to honor the Saviour. I believe they will be a great blessing to you as a pastor and to your people.

Dr. Dave Hardy
Stillwater OK



Pastor Kevin Folger

I am very happy to write this letter of recommendation for Evangelist Billy Ingram and his wife, Christy. Brother Ingram and I met for the first time in September of 2008 at a meeting he was preaching. I was very impressed with his command of Scripture and also with the power of God that was evident in his life and his preaching that day. After meeting him, I invited Brother Ingram to preach at my church in Cleveland.

God used his preaching to do some great things in the lives of my people. It was also a blessed time of fellowship personally and uniting of hearts and spirit for the work of the Lord. By the time they left, I knew that I had made a lifelong friend in the ministry.

Having been in the ministry for a long time, I have seen people come and go. I believe Brother and Mrs. Ingram are the real thing and that God’s hand is upon their lives. If you like old fashioned, expository preaching, you will enjoy the ministry of Billy Ingram. Christy is a very capable and gifted vocalist whose ministry will bless your church. This couple is Baptist by conviction and unashamed of the Gospel of Christ.

Please give consideration to having Brother Ingram in your pulpit.

For the cause of Christ,
Kevin Folger, Pastor
Cleveland Baptist Church


Pastor Wayne Hardy

pastor_wayne_hardyMost of us pastors deliberate over who to invite to preach a special meeting; another pastor or an evangelist who has never pastored. While I have seen the benefits of each one, I have typically chosen another pastor.

Bro. Billy Ingram makes me grateful that there are both. He has an evangelist’s heart that is fresh enough to see what I might have lost sight of (and we pastors need that more than we admit), yet he possesses an attitude of humility and submission that I have found refreshing. His revival preaching is very concentrated, yet done with such a sharp knife that it leaves no scars. He loves the local church and respects the biblical position of the pastor. He has been nothing but a blessing and a help to our church and I believe he would be to yours, as well.

Wayne Hardy
Bible Baptist Church 
Stillwater OK

Pastor Terry Randolph

randolphThe Psalmist said in Psalms 85:6; “Wilt thou not revive us again: that thy people may rejoice in thee”

Truly this was our experience with Bro. Billy Ingram. Never have we heard such Spirit-filled messages. What a revival! We are looking forward to having he and his wife Christy back with us. Together with his preaching and her singing voice, they will bless your church. I highly recommend him to you.

Terry Randolph, Pastor
Cornerstone Baptist Church
Phoenix AZ


Pastor Rick Savage

rick_savage(Used With Permission)
In my years of ministry, I have never recommend an evangelist, but I sense the Holy Spirit urging me to do so. I had the privilege to meet Bro. Ingram several years ago but recently I felt led to have him preach a revival meeting at Bethel. He preached timely messages, and the power of God was evident in the services. He has a great balance of fiery, scriptural preaching and Holy Spirit control. He has taken the right position of the KJB understands pastoral authority, and is strong local church-something difficult to find in many evangelists today. God truly met with our church in a great way and many members have testified that they have experienced true revival in their personal lives, as well as in their family. During the week, we were also blessed by the beautiful special music provided by his wife, Christy. She is truly an asset to their ministry.

I do want to add that Bro. Ingram does not solicit meetings, nor did he ask me to write this letter. I felt led of the Lord to share what a blessing his ministry was, and how God greatly used him in my life as well as those in my congregation. I encourage you to make it a matter of prayer to invite him for a week of revival meetings or for your preaching conference or big days…If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at any time. (731-661-9958)

Rick Savage, Pastor
Bethel Baptist Church
Jackson TN


Pastor Aaron Denson

aaron_densonThe Revival week spent with Evangelist Billy Ingram will be one that I will never forget. God used him to open my eyes to truth that I had been exposed to my entire life, just never grasped. Enlightened would be very appropriate. I saw people moved to not only acknowledge truth but also live it. If God will allow a church to schedule this evangelist, I believe God will move. I don’t know how you measure success, but when God does something-I label that a success. To God be the glory.

Aaron Denson, Pastor
Bethany Baptist Church
Lubbock TX


Evangelist Ron Comfort

dr_comfortEvangelist Billy Ingram has preached on several occasions at Ambassador Baptist College. He has exhibited in his preaching and his ministry on our campus a maturity, fervor, and compassion. His messages stirred the hearts of our student body and indeed our entire college family. In the number of Years that I have known Evangelist Ingram he has evidenced a definite call and gift for the ministry of evangelism. His meetings are fruitful in the salvation of souls and particularly in genuine evidences of revival. I wholeheartedly recommend him.

Dr. Ron Comfort, Founder, Chancellor
Ambassador Baptist College
Lattimore, NC