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Jan 28, 2010 Comments Off on Loganville, GA admin

Calvary Baptist Church, Loganville GA, Pastor Les Powell.

This was our first meeting with the people of Calvary Baptist Church. What a blessing they were to us. I feel that Pastor and Mrs. Powell are going to be life long friends! The people were so responsive to truth and the preaching of the Word.

Unfortunately, Christy and I both got sick on Tuesday of the meeting and seemingly got worse as the days progressed. Christy was really struggling with a high fever for five straight days and unable to eat anything for three days. I preached each night with about a 100 degree temperature. After the meeting concluded we went to the doctor to discover that we had gotten the H1N1.

The Pastor and the people were very understanding. We had some of the best chicken noodle soup provided us (from the Helms) which helped tremendously.

We are scheduled to return and look forward to going back …healthier.