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As I read the Ephesians four passage of Scripture, I am made aware of the simple fact that the design of the leadership gifts of both pastor and evangelist, originated with God for the fulfilling of His purpose to the church.

There has been significant misunderstandings concerning the validity and value of the evangelist that are dangerous to ignore or promote.  Tolerating these misconceptions will carry an adverse effect upon any church with serious deficiency due to settling for less than what God has provided and prescribed for His church.

One of the more common misconceptions regarding the evangelist is that he exist simply as an itinerant preacher. However, one’s preaching schedule does not dictate what they are per se but rather the gift (calling and enabling) that God has given them.  For example, a woman may hold the title of “pastor” as stated on a church sign, but this does not however, make her a Scriptural, God called pastor.  A Bible college representative can travel from church to church and preach sermons and never meet the need of revival or fulfill the role to which the evangelist has been designated. Concerning this issue, I will often times say, “I am not an evangelist because of what I do (itinerant preaching schedule) but what I do is a result of what I am (an Evangelist).” Another words, going from church to church does not make me an evangelist; but God’s calling and equipping does.  As a result of answering the call to being an evangelist, I am involved then in itinerant work.”

Another misconception concerning the evangelist is the labeling of him as a missionary, and, or church planter.  This too is unfortunate since that concept is not found in this passage or any other for that matter.  The term “Evangelist”, is discovered three times in the New Testament and in none of these instances do you see him starting a church.  So, to insist upon this kind of restriction upon the evangelist gift would be without Scriptural support and with gross eisagesis.  Why is the word “missionary” not found in the leadership gifts given to the church?  Because the leadership gifts that God specifies is that of Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher.  The missionary is not an addendum but actually is or should be one of these leadership gifts provided by God.  Simply put, being a “missionary” is simply stating how a preacher (either Evangelist, Pastor or Teacher) is getting to a particular field or destination with some sort of support.

Ephesians 4:11-12, recognizes both the validity and value of the evangelist in conjunction with the pastor (and teacher).  In this passage, the leadership gifts to the church are enumerated as those given by God for edification in contrast to those given for revelation.  The question here is “which of these gifts is temporary and which is permanent?” The safe rule to follow is that gifts used for revelation or authentication of the new message is temporary. Gifts used for edification are permanent gifts.  The apostles and prophets are described in Eph. 2:20 as foundational gifts thus being temporary for the purpose of authentication and no longer needed today.

The evangelist, pastor and teacher are permanent gifts designed by God Himself for the very stated purpose of edifying the church.  In agreement with this passage, the evangelist (euongelistos) is a gifting as legitimate as that of the pastoral gift, again, since both are designed by God.  As stated in Eph. 4:12, the evangelist, like the pastor is given to the church for the very purpose of equipping (perfecting) and unify the local congregation.


Some insist that the evangelist is basically a “gospel preacher” to the lost.  Indeed, the evangelist is specially “gifted” (enabled) to articulate and deliver the good news of salvation as is indicated by the very title given by God.  This, however, is only part of the equation of the evangelist calling and ministry.

As already stated in the Ephesians four passage, the evangelist here is shown to be given to the church for the same purpose as that of the pastor–the equipping of the saints.  Ultimately, the evangelist should have a burden and concern for the spiritual health of God’s people as he fulfills the design and intended purpose that God has for His church.

Multitudes of Christians seemingly know only of a salvation that delivers from the penalty of sin, yet unaware of the experience and reality of a present tense salvation that delivers from the power of sin.  This is one of the reasons we need revival.  Revival is not a program or something we do.  Revival is a Person we are to depend upon.  Revival is Jesus!  The message of Revival is the need of the hour.

It has been our privilege to watch the Spirit of God revive churches week after week and then to hear of the ongoing abundant life of Christ accessed long after the meeting has concluded.  We must have a restoration back to normal Christian living in order to function as the New Testament Baptist church designed and desired by Christ.  The Church stands in need of returning to the “not I but Christ life” in order that His indwelling life might live through us as channels of revival. It is time for Baptists to get serious about revival.

When we talk of revival, we are talking about that which is tantamount to the Gospel.  While the Gospel is the “good news” to the sinner, Revival, is the “good news” to the saint!  Revival by definition is a bringing back to life.  This matter of coming back to life is very simply, the Christian coming back to what the Bible teaches to be normal Christianity.  Vance Havner gave the sense of the Scriptures on this subject when he said, “What we call revival is simply New Testament Christianity, the saints getting back to normal.”

Perhaps your church is ready for God to do even more than He’s already doing and ready to allow Him to reach out to the lost of your community and to revive the saved through a revival meeting.  I would be pleased to correspond with you or talk with you about a meeting.  Through prayer, we could determine the Lord’s leading in this.

The Gospel still works & God is still reviving!