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Bethel Baptist Church, Jackson TN

Apr 16, 2014 Comments Off on Bethel Baptist Church, Jackson TN admin

We spent this past Sunday in Jackson TN with very special friends, Pastor & Mrs. Savage. The Lord gave much liberty in preaching three times but also gave a refreshing time in fellowship. God is doing a special work in Jackson TN that is seated within a growing area and in spite of the ...

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Hallmark Baptist Church, Austin TX

Feb 20, 2014 Comments Off on Hallmark Baptist Church, Austin TX admin

February 16-19, 2014 Finished this week's Sunday through Wednesday meeting last night in Austin Texas. Pastor Josh Tanner has become the pastor of this church approximately five months ago and is doing a superb job at casting a vision and providing leadership for this church body. The church has a beautiful building on a tremendous 11 ...

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Teen Camp in California

Jul 28, 2013 Comments Off on Teen Camp in California admin

July 7th I preached for Pastor Brian Dunlop all day at the exciting church of Lighthouse Baptist in La Verne CA. This is the third trip I think I've made to Lighthouse and have enjoyed it immensely every time. On Sunday, two lesbians responded in the invitation for salvation and returned on Sunday evening for more ...

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Bridgeport TX

Jun 3, 2013 Comments Off on Bridgeport TX admin

This was my first time being with Pastor Dale Webster and the people of Bible Baptist Church in Bridgeport Texas. Pastor had done a superb job of preparing the people for a revival meeting. I thoroughly appreciated his burden for revival and his thinking concerning revival which made it extremely easy for me to come ...

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Amarillo, TX

Nov 2, 2012 Comments Off on Amarillo, TX admin

Had an incredible time with Pastor Dale Bigham of Arden Road Baptist Church in Amarillo, TX. The hospitality was superb and the people's sensitivity to the preached Word was encouraging.

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Teen Prayer Advance

Aug 30, 2012 Comments Off on Teen Prayer Advance admin

August 2-4, I once again had the privilege of preaching along with Dr. John Goetsch in WV at the Student Prayer Advance hosted by Evangelist Harold Vaughan. It was great to see Brother Vaughan, who although has been battling cancer, was still executing his vision for revival among today's teen's and college students.

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Calvary Baptist Church, Gaines MI

May 23, 2012 Comments Off on Calvary Baptist Church, Gaines MI admin

Last year in May of 2011, I preached a Sunday for Pastor Canaday and became familiar with Calvary Baptist Church and found a kindred spirit with he and his ministry.  We then set up a meeting for the next May of 2012. This meeting started on Mother's Day and was very well attended. The people were ...

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Landmark Baptist Church, Clio MI

May 23, 2012 Comments Off on Landmark Baptist Church, Clio MI admin

It was a my first time being with Pastor John Flanders.  He is doing an incredible job and it was wonderful time to spend with he and his family and church folk.  The people were faithful to the services and were very responsive.  I look forward to hearing of God's "greater works" being accomplished through ...

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Pastor Terry Randolph, Cornerstone Baptist Church, Phoenix AZ

Nov 26, 2010 No Comments ›› admin

Back in November, It was a highlight and help to both Christy and me to spend time with Pastor Terry Randolph and his family, staff and church. We fell in love these people right from the start. I am so thankful for a Pastor such as Brother Randolph who understands revival and the need for ...

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God came down in manifest presence and power

Jul 28, 2010 No Comments ›› admin

This was my third year returning to Wildwood Christian Camp, directed by Brother Allen Marshall, and perhaps the best year so far. With each visit to this ministry, my burden for both the camp and Brother Marshall increase. I appreciate so much the stands taken and the heart of the leadership as well ...

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