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May 23, 2012 Comments Off on Calvary Baptist Church, Gaines MI admin

Last year in May of 2011, I preached a Sunday for Pastor Canaday and became familiar with Calvary Baptist Church and found a kindred spirit with he and his ministry.  We then set up a meeting for the next May of 2012.

This meeting started on Mother’s Day and was very well attended. The people were very responsive to the preached Word of God.  I enjoyed so very much the time spent soulwinning and fellowshipping with Pastor and Mrs. Canaday as well as his youth pastor, Chris  Lutterman and his wife, Missy. It was a special occasion to witness the dedication of Chris and Missy’s newest baby, Bryce, also on Mother’s Day.

Another highlight of the week for me was the special music!  Calvary Baptist did a fantastic job from the choir on Sunday to each service with tremendous specials and effective communication of truth in song.  I could truly listen to Mrs. Val Boven play the piano all day.  In fact I sort of do, now that I have some of her piano playing on cd!

I look forward to the meeting we have set up for September of 2013!