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Jun 20, 2012 Comments Off on Grand Canyon State Baptist Camp admin

This is my first time at this camp led by Pastor Joe Stoppelbein and I am thoroughly enjoying this week of revival ministry to about 170 teens from 14 different churches.

Last night (Tuesday night) in the service, the Spirit of God truly worked in practically 90% of the teens hearts. I was a little taken back as to how large the number that responded.

I invited the teens at the invitation to stay in their seats only if they’re ready and willing to unload the entire truck and get right with God. I explained as carefully as I could that by staying in their seats they would be waiting for a counselor to deal personally with them as to the specific sin/sins that they’re getting right about. Many of the sins being “unloaded” involved pornography, disobedience to parents, cheating in school, etc…