August, 2008

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Christy picked me up from the Nashville airport and we hit the ground ‘driving’ to North Carolina for a meeting.  But first we had to cross the Mt Eagle mountain between Manchester and Chattanooga and we did this unbeknownst to us, without brakes.  This was quite a scare as Christy doesn’t care for pulling the trailer over mountains and this just topped it off.  So, once again, we are VERY thankful for travelling mercies.  We can’t say it enough, that we are grateful to those who pray for our safetly in travelling.  We were able to take the trailer into a Camping World to have it fixed.  (This proved to be a huge blessing as well, because the brakes went out again in September.) 

We were in Huntersville, NC with dear friends Pastor and Mrs. Powell. (Joy played the piano on Christy’s cd).  We really enjoyed this time together.  The church is going through a trial with city regulations and we met in a local hall.  We had a great response and trust the Lord will continue to break through.

The week ended with a Revival Conference with Dr. Rick Flander’s and Dr. John Van Gelderen.  What an honor for Christy and I to join up with these men.

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