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Oct 18, 2009 No Comments ›› admin

It was a great privilege to get acquainted with a new church, Temple Baptist Church in Chesapeake VA but reacquainted with old friends, Pastor and Mrs. Jim Rushing Jr.

Our meeting this past October was our third meeting with the Rushings but our first with him in his new ministry and his first Revival meeting in his new ministry also.  The Lord truly blessed!  Our opening Sunday morning service was attended with a packed house.  Six adults walked the aisle for salvation.  One gentleman was 74 years of age.  Not only did he get saved, but along with other new converts, he continued to attend the meetings and pursue baptism and Church membership.  Praise the Lord!  The nightly attendance continued to increase even surpassing Sunday night’s total.  The Assistant Pastor stated that this was the highest attended Revival meeting by 20% of any meeting during his twenty year tenure there as the assistant.  Every night the altar was full and the people were so very responsive to Bible truth.  We also had a music man and his family, the Robertson family with us.  It created a helpful dynamic that seemed to boost the meetings and encourage the people.  This provided a “Revival Choir” where the people could get involved.  It was a blessing.

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