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We headed to Clovis, NM to conduct the first weeklong meeting for Pastor Tunnell.  Some were skeptical about having a weeklong event since all they were use to having been “family emphasis” or “mission’s emphasis” and an occasional evangelist to come for a few days but never a weeklong revival meeting.  This phenomenon is common among many churches today and only reflects the gross misunderstanding about revival.  If a church is truly concerned about the family and missions then the glaring need for the church and home IS revival (normal Christianity)! 

God did do a great work but not without opposition from the Evil One.  I felt that I was under a cloud for the first part of the week and could not seem to break through the spiritual opposition.  On Wednesday night, I preached a critical message entitled “Honor the Holy Spirit or Hinder Revival.”  God did give liberty and I personally experienced a break through.  We had an “after-meeting” that night for those who wanted to stay and could stay for a season of revival praying.  I was truly shocked to see that nearly half of the church stayed.  That prayer meeting proved to be the breaking point for the entire meeting.  Spiritually speaking we shifted gears and went to a greater level. 

Many of those praying came to convincement and claimed their inheritance in Christ believing God to do the “greater works.”  The pastor later said that there were people praying and getting right with God that he had never hear pray or publicly respond before.  Throughout the remainder of the week the church gave testimony of how God had led them in that “after-meeting” to witness to specific people whereby God granted their request, giving them necessary boldness and liberty to do so.  (To my knowledge not one person in the church experienced a negative response in any of these divine appointments they witnessed to.)

The following Sunday was “Friend Day.”  We saw a number of first time visitors come and several were saved (seven I believe) including a 91-year-old man.  On that Sunday night, which was to be the final service, the pastor was convinced to continue the meeting at least two more nights.  This did allow us to go a little further in the areas of personal victory and lay a more solid foundation as to how to make their decisions for the Lord last. 

Several “firsts” took place for this church, which I believe, vindicate both the very truth of revival and the importance of 2009-079having a meeting for its cause.  The pastor said that for the first time in having a meeting, their attendance did not drop from what we had on the first Sunday night.  In fact, some of the services were greater in attendance than the first Sunday evening and definitely exceeded their average.  (When God shows up, He is indeed attractive)!  Another first was the love offering.  Pastor Tunnell said that he has always set a certain amount that he would give the speaker regardless of whether the people give this amount.  However, for the first time ever the people exceeded the set amount.  This was a great blessing to the pastor regarding his people.  Not only did the church imbibe and embrace these truths but also they wished to have an ongoing part in our ministry for the cause of both revival and evangelism by taking us on for monthly support.  What a shock and blessing this was for us considering how the subject of finances is mute topic of discussion in our ministry with pastors and churches.


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