February, 2008

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Zion Hill Baptist Church, Cleveland, GA

What began as a single Sunday morning service continued for 10-day, God-called meeting.  Yes, that’s right a very unconventional way of having a Revival is to let God decide to meet  or not to meet.  What you read here is an account of what the Lord has done and not myself.  So, as you read this, give God the glory!  I was asked to preach on Sunday, the 3rd for Sunday School and morning service and the Lord met with us in a sweet and wonderful way that I was asked to preach again that evening.  Again, the Lord met purging and dealing with sin.  The Pastor called a Monday night meeting and really said ‘We’ll see what God is going to do’.  After a great Monday service, the Pastor again called for a Tuesday night meeting.  After Wednesday, the Pastor called the meeting thru Sunday.  Each evening the Lord led to preach on specific sins and the Lord worked in the hearts of the people.  The complete meeting went thru the following Wednesday.  Truth was declared and the people not only dealt with sin, they also began to learn truths that would change the way they’d always done things.  A few evenings were followed with after-prayer meetings where we called on the Lord to send Revival.  The church now meets on an evening separate than regular scheduled services to pray for Revival.  They have begun a soul-winning outreach and are still on fire for the Lord.  To God Be the Glory!

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