July 15-18, 2007

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If one has not had the privilege to visit the wonderful ministry at Bible Baptist Church in Stillwater Oklahoma, I would encourage you to do so.  Bible Baptist Church is a man’s church! There is no lack in men that love the Lord and love ministry.  As a result of male leadership, Bible Baptist Church is a family church.  Of course, this does not happen by accident!  Their pastor, Wayne Hardy is a well studied man of God that loves the Lord and knows how to equip his people by leading them to follow the Lord as model New Testament local church. 

I was told that the men would gather every Sunday for prayer at 7am. When I walked into the auditorium that morning, I was shocked to see around 60 Fathers and sons congregated at 7am for a challenge from one of those men and a time of prayer!  What a blessing! 

Something else tremendous was the consistent attendance in the services.  From Sunday morning to Wednesday night the attendance only fluctuated by a handful!

Again, these blessings in the ministry are not by accident.   

Mine and Christy’s visit to Bible Baptist Church and the wonderful staff was such a refreshment!  Preaching to this crowd was one of the easiest I have ever experienced! 

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