September, 2008

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So, back over the mountains to Indiana and Illinois.  Christy is now looking the trailer over to see if there is anything out of place and sure enough, there was a line that looked broke under the trailer.  She knew enough from her farming days to know that wasn’t good.  So, we made an appointment and took the trailer to Camping World in Indianapolis, IN.  What a blessing to be close to Camping World.  Christy spent the day with Mesa waiting on the trailer, and I preached the opening Revival at Indiana Baptist College.  We had to spend the night in the parking lot of Camping World until all got fixed UNDER WARRANTY, praise the Lord, and we were on our way to Illinois. 

In Illinois, we were blessed to be with Dr. Richard Brady (and son, Dave).  We really enjoyed the week and seemingly had one of the best meetings we’ve had there.  We were able to meet Dave’s wife, Sonjia for the first time as well and were able to see Catherine McQuaid one last time before going to the mission field. 

We had another meeting in Tower Hill, IL that went extremely well.  Christy didn’t attend with me in our last meeting, so, I was thankful she was with me and able to meet Pastor Miller and his family.

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